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St George Traffic Issues

Traffic & Transport seem to be the big issues in St George at the moment. There are two schemes due to be implemented next year which will be the subject of consultation and discussion over the next few months – the roll out of the 20mph zone and the traffic scheme for Crews Hole and Beaufort Roads. In addition issues relating to speeding and car parking are often raised at the Neighbourhood Forum.

The St George webteam will try to keep you up to date on the latest developments on this website, facebook and twitter. We use tags so that you can find stories relating to specific issues on the website so click on the links in our ‘tag cloud’ or use  the following links for the latest posts:

If you would like to discuss traffic and transport issues in more detail then come along to our Traffic & Transport Sub-Group meetings. Details about the sub-group and a link to the notes of the last meeting can be found here:

As with all sub-groups the meeting dates and venues can be found at

For information and to comment on the proposed 20mph roll out, don’t forget that there is a drop-in session at St George Library this Saturday (28th Sept) 10am-4pm.


Footpath Cleared

St George Neighbourhood Partnership has recognised Public Rights of Ways as one of it’s priority areas.

Church Lane was reported at a recent St George Community Forum as being obstructed and  impassable.  The lane is a narrow public footpath from the junction of Park Crescent, Foxcroft Road and Lake View Road to the junction of Whitehall Road and Chalks Road.

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September a “Community Payback” team put in a considerable amount of effort in to clearing the overgrowth on the path and removing the rubbish that appears to have been dumped on it.

If you’re aware of an obstruction to a Public Right of Way then it can be reported either through “Fix My Street” or direct to the Council.

church-lane-3 church-lane-2

Clearance work:

Just some of the rubbish that was obstructing the public footpath:

Proposed Traffic Schemes for St George

click here for more information

As you may have seen in the press or heard on BBC Radio Bristol there are proposals to introduce a traffic scheme for Conham Rd/Crews Hole Road/Blackswarth Rd and Beaufort Road/The Avenue in St George. It is intended that the scheme will be implemented in January 2014.

Residents have raised concerns about road safety and traffic speeds on both these routes many times in the past. Both routes have very heavy traffic, particularly during ‘rush hours’ and have sections which are narrow where it is difficult for vehicles to pass. They have become busy commuting routes to Bristol, something neither route has been designed to cope with.

Since the beginning of 2010 there have been 8 accidents on the Crews Hole Road route involving 10 vehicles and 8 casualties including 1 serious injury. Figures for Beaufort Road / The Avenue for the same period are 9 accidents involving 21 vehicles with 11 casualties including 1 child and 1 serious injury. Locations and details for the accidents can be seen on the Council’s mapping system at

Suicide bend-1Road safety in Crews Hole is currently one of the Neighbourhood Partnership’s priority issues. In addition to general problems with speeding traffic for pedestrians there is a particularly dangerous road crossing walking from Conham following the river where pedestrians have to cross the road to rejoin the river path at the end of what used to be Butlers Tar Works. The section of road from this corner to Conham is also a gap in the River Avon Trail where pedestrians and cyclists have to follow the road.

Many plans to improve these routes have been produced over the past 30 years or more but have not been implemented. During that time much of Crews Hole has changed from an industrial to residential area and new houses are still being built. The industrial area is all now focused at the Netham end. There are weight restrictions on Troopers Hill Rd and Conham Hill so that access for heavy vehicles to the industrial area is from the Netham direction only.

Following discussions at Neighburhood Partership Traffic and Transport sub-group meetings and further issues raised at Neighbourhood Forums, the Council’s Highways department has been looking at possible schemes to address these issues. It is clear that there is no scheme that will please everybody and also that any changes have the potential to have an impact on traffic over a wide area of East Bristol.

A scheme is now being developed that involves making parts of both routes one-way. A draft version of this scheme has been shown to St George Councillors and members of the Traffic & Transport sub-group. Views on the scheme have also been sought from other Council departments, the emergency services, bus operators and South Gloucestershire Council.

The next stage will be for officers from Highways and the Neighbourhood Partnership to talk to businesses in Crews Hole.

Once the scheme has been finalised (with any changes following the above discussions) it is intended that it will be introduced in January 2014 as an experimental traffic order. This allows the scheme to be modified after it has been introduced. Prior to its implementation information will be made available on the web, at St George Library and at other venues or meetings.

Once the experimental scheme is in place there will be an extensive consultation exercise to get people’s views. If parts of the scheme are found not to be working then they will be changed. This is an advantage over the normal process of introducing traffic schemes through Traffic Regulation Orders which cannot easily be changed once they have been introduced.

Neither route will be one-way for its entire length; the aim is for through traffic to be able to use the Crews Hole route towards Bristol only, allowing the use of the Beaufort Road through route only for travel away from Bristol. It is hoped that the majority of traffic, as now, will use the main roads (A431, A420 & A4).

Sections of both roads will remain two-way; in particular, the Blackswarth Road end of Crews Hole Rd will remain two-way so that heavy vehicles serving the industrial area will not be affected. Maps showing the exact locations of the one-way sections will be published once the plans have been finalised and further updates with links will be added to this website.

Update – 23rd Sept 13

Article published in the Bristol Post today.


Awards for St George community groups – It’s Your Neighbourhood 2013

At today’s awards ceremony at Truro for RHS South West in Bloom Friends of St George Park, Friends of Troopers Hill and Kensington Rd Residents Association all received awards under the It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme.  Friends of St George Park were Level 3 – Improving; Friends of of Troopers Hill and Kensington Rd Residents Association were Level 5 – Outstanding.

Special congratulations to Kensington Rd Residents Association who were also awarded the Gordon Ford Trophy for the Best Neighbourhood entry.

For a full list of awards click on IYN winners or South West in Bloom winners.

Update – 23rd Sept 13

Read more about Kensington Rd Residents Association and their award in the article published in the Bristol Post today.


Have your say on the future of Speedwell’s Meadow Vale Community Centre BS5 7RF

Meadow Vale drop in

Police Newsletter

police crestThe latest Newsletter from Avon & Somerset Police for the St George area is now available for download.


Money granted to local projects – 17/9/2013

All 4 applications made for funding from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Fund were granted tonight.

They were:

£1,400 to the 159th Brunel Scouts to improve parking on their site on Fir Tree Lane and prevent cars going beyond the parking area.  They will also install improved fencing to prevent dog fouling and litter.  Costs are for gating, weed control membrane, stone chippings and fencing.  Labour will be carried out by volunteers.

£972.06 to Linkage in partnership with the Bristol and Anchor Almshouse Charity to provide a public address system to enable speakers to be heard properly at events in the hall at the Beehive Centre in Stretford Rd.  The amount also includes the cost of 4 lightweight folding tables to replace the existing, heavy and unsafe tables that are currently used.

£874 to St Aidans with St George to replace the lighting in their church hall.  The current lighting is not energy efficient and lamp tubes need regular replacement.  LED flood lighting will reduce running costs and thus keep costs low for groups hiring the hall.  These hirers include a badminton group, scouts, cubs, beavers and many others.  Payback on investment is expected within 2 years.

£650 to Friends of Troopers Hill to fund a number of special walks, ideally one per quarter.  These walks would include an expert guide and/or transport to places that are harder to reach from St George.  These special walks are to encourage walkers to continue to attend and attract new walkers.  In common with all their walks there will be a charge for each person attending the walk of £2 to cover the group’s running costs.  Wellbeing funding does not cover running costs.

To find out how your group could apply for Wellbeing funding visit

Looking for transport related projects to fund

Can you think of a project that would encourage sustainable travel in St George?

Bristol’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) as part of its Active Neighbourhoods Programme is looking for projects to fund.  Grants available £500 to a maximum contribution of £3,000, and projects must be completed by April 2015.

Sustainable travel is important for individuals, communities and the wider environment. On a personal level, it can help us take short journeys on foot or by bike, increasing our activity levels to benefit our health as well as saving us money. For communities it can increase the numbers of people out on the street, making the streets feels safer and encouraging use of local shops and facilities. On a wider level, sustainable travel aims to provide attractive options for young people, commuters and older people alike, as well as improving air and noise quality in our city.

What are the main aims of the grant?
Schemes need to be locally led and support the LSTF objectives by:
– Supporting and strengthening local economies (encouraging people to walk, cycle, or use public transport to travel to neighbourhood shops and services, rather than driving to other locations);
– Increasing physical activity to improve health, through greater use of walking and cycling for local journeys;
– Reducing unnecessary car trips and associated parking/pollution/congestion

If your organisation would like to apply for funding, then please see the information available at

If you’d like to suggest a project for the St George NP area, then please email

Meadow Vale Community Association Newsletter & Disco

News from Meadow Vale Community Association …

– MVCA has published their latest Newsletter.
   You can download a copy here [.jpg]

– MVCA is holding a Children’s Disco on Saturday 12 October.
   Further information here [.jpg]

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