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The end of youth services at the Kingsway youth centre?

The Friends of Kingsway Youth are extremely concerned about the forecast loss of youth provision at Kingsway Youth Centre.  They ask that you  SIGN THE PETITION to Bristol City Council.   As I write 543 people have lent their support to the Save Kingsway Youth Centre facebook page.

You might also like to contact local councillors about this – they are Cllr Fabian Breckels (,) 0117 353 3371 and Cllr Alex Pearce (, 0117 353 4711, councillors for St George East.

Here is the background to where we are today:

Since October 2010 the St George Neighbourhood Committee have allocated a total £21, 594 from their Wellbeing Fund (more than the amount they are allocated per year) to the Kingswood Foundation for the Kingsway Youth Centre for:

  • a computer room
  • providing an extra youth night
  • refurbishment and sound insulation
  • match funding to release over £50,000 of funding from a SITA grant.

The grants were made in the expectation that they would be providing a resource for the youth of St George for the future.  The Kingsway Foundation is now the Creative Youth Network, the lead organisation in the consortium that has been awarded the Bristol Youth Links contract by Bristol City Council

The opportunity was given for 4 young people, 2 Councillors and 2 residents from each Neighbourhood Partnership to attend a “Bristol Youth Links Discussion with new providers” on Wednesday 28th November.

Below are the notes of that meeting taken by Abdul Razak Dahir, the Neighbourhood Co-ordinator for St George and Greater Fishponds. These notes were published in the notes of the last meeting of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership.  Philip Bird and Susan Acton-Campbell attended the “Discussion” as members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership and expressed deep concern at the meeting about the removal of provision of youth services at the Kingsway Youth Centre.

Bristol Youth Links Update – note from Abdul Razak Dahir

Stakeholders meeting was organised on Wednesday 28th November 2012, following the announcement that Bristol City Council awarded contracts to deliver the Bristol Youth Links.
Creative Youth Network, formerly known as Kingswood Foundation, is the lead organisation for the consortium awarded to deliver the Bristol Youth Links contract for Bristol East (Greater Fishponds & St George Neighbourhood Partnerships) and Cabot & Clifton Neighbourhood Partnership.
At least 5 young people from Kingsway Youth Centre along with a Senior Youth Worker and two Neighbourhood Partnership members attended the meeting on behalf of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership.
Concerns were expressed about the lack of commitment to continue delivering youth provision from the existing Youth Centres including Kingsway Youth Centre and the delivery programme presented at the meeting for the Bristol East area.
Creative Youth Network agreed to meet with the Young People from Kingsway and the Area Co-ordinator to look into addressing the issues raised at the meeting.
The focus of the contract is to target the most disadvantaged young people living in the area in an innovative way. There is no commitment (stipulated into the contract) to takeover existing youth centres and the consortium expressed no interest.
Rose Richards (Bristol City Council Strategic Commissioner) explained she received a lot of interest from the community for the existing Youth Centres. This dialogue will continue and may lead to Community Asset Transfer for some or all of the Youth centres in the Bristol East patch. At present the priority is to transfer across staff and services. The new arrangement is anticipated to begin from 1 February 2013.

Posting from Creative Youth Network on their website

Message from Kieran Coles, Chair of Friends of Kingsway Youth

I am writing to you today to inform you of the planned closure of Kingsway Youth Centre.  Under new provision the centre, which is currently the only city council youth provision in St George East & West is under threat as of the 1st of February 2013.

I would be very grateful if you could take two minutes of your time to sign our online petition: .  As well as this if you could ask any young people and colleagues you work with to sign this petition it will help strengthen our fight to save our valuable youth service.

As well as this, we have a group on facebook where you can leave your views and read the views of others on the youth centre:!/groups/SaveKYC/

Many thanks for your support in advance.

Kind Regards,

Kieran Coles
Friends of Kingsway Youth
Office: 0117 9601793
Postal Address: Friends of Kingsway Youth, c/o The Kingswood Estate, 20 Old School House, Britannia Road, Bristol BS15 8DB

photo of outside of Kingsway Youth Centre

Is your number plate secure?

A&S crestFishponds Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Safer Homes will be at Morrison’s Supermarket car park, Fishponds Road on Tuesday 18th December 2012 (9.00am to 3.00pm). They will be fitting anti-tamper screws to vehicle number plates and giving out crime reduction advice.

You can download a poster/leaflet here

Issues raised at the Beaufort Rd walkabout

One person came to the Beaufort Rd walkabout on Saturday 8th December and 3 people asked for a council officer to call in, which was done.

These were the issues raised and some of the actions already taken:

  1. Trim conifer hedge adjacent to Cemetery and Beaufort Rd
  2.  Chain link fence broken outside prefab property Beaufort Rd
  3.  Number of recycling boxes outside properties in Church Rd – full of general litter & rubbish
  4.  Overgrown hedge – Hedwick Avenue
  5.  Skips on Street – Checking licence
  6.  Salisbury Rd – Weed issues
  7.  Salisbury Street – parking issues bottom end (Church Rd)
  8. The Area Environment Officers is sending out letters to residents who had bins out on the pavement, and had front garden provision.  She is also sending letters to residents on Church Rd, advising them where possible to keep them off the street.
  9. For Beaufort Close there are parking issues associated with that area particularly during school drop-off and pick up time. Apparently cars park up around the roads in a way that obstructs proper vision and also blocks easy access to/from the estate.
  10. Resident from Beaufort Rd is asking for a ‘No right of way’ signage as children are running through alley way between the bungalows and new flats.

It would be great to have a higher turnout at these events so that we can hear from YOU what you want done to improve your neighbourhood.  What can we do to help you contact us?  Let us know what times/days would suit you, where we should put posters and publicise the walkabouts or anything else we can do, including changing the poster.  Email

This was the poster used to advertise this walkabout.

Great news for Plummers Hill Playing Fields and Troopers Hill Field

At the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting tonight Councillors approved the allocation of Section 106 funds to pay for  Plummers Hill Playing Fields to have:

  • 1 x set of mini goal posts
  • 3 x seats
  • 2 x dual use litters and dog wast bins
  • 1 x parks noticeboard

Location of Plummers Hill Playing Fields




Troopers Hill Field will have funding to build a tarmac path along the edge of Troopers Hill Field to link Malvern Rd to Summerhill Terrace.

It will run between the new cherry trees and the hedge. The path will be 1.5m wide with timber edges. There will also be a new bench part way along.

This route is extremely well used and becomes very muddy.  It becomes so muddy that it deters people from walking to the bus stops on Summerhill Rd and local schools.  In combination with the existing hard-surfaced track leading from the top of Troopers Hill along the side of Troopers Hill Field to Malvern Rd it opens up a lot more opportunities for pedestrians.

This map shows the Summerhill Terrace and Malvern Rd entrances and the curve of the hedge that the path will follow.





The start of the route of the path from Summerhill Terrace.









The new bench will be close to this old apple tree.  See how muddy the ground is along this well used route.




Looking toward the end of the path route towards the entrance from Malvern Rd.




Section 106 funding is the money paid by developers to the Council when large developments (over 10 dwelling or more than 1,000 squares metres) are built.  This money is to mitigate the impact of the large developments and some is allocated for children’s play, green spaces and a number of other categories









Free local furniture and wood skills training for 16-18 year olds not in training or education








Visit for an informal chat to discuss these opportunities on 13th or 14th December.  This is the information we have received from Didac:

The course will start in January and we are inviting learners in for an informal discussion about the course from this week onwards.  The flyer below mentions interviews this week, but we are of course flexible – as we don’t want to put any barriers up to anybody who is interested!

The course will be 2.5 days a week course,  lasting from January until July for young people who are interested in careers in the furniture or wood industries.  The learners must be not in employment, education or training, but apart from that, there are no specific entry requirements, just enthusiasm and the candidates must come along to visit us before hand for a discussion.

Learners will gain skills such as using hand tools for woodworking, wood machining and upholstery.  As part of the programme they will also have the opportunity to achieve First Aid, Health & Safety and Manual Handling Certificates as well as getting help with English and Maths.  If completed, the wood-working elements will enable them to achieve a Level 1 City and Guilds Certificate.

However, the course isn’t all driven towards achieving a qualification, but also to get people into work or perhaps move into apprenticeships or other further training.  If they get work throughout the course and would like to move into a job, that would be regarded as a success.

There is no payment for the young people, but we are finding out if we can offer bursaries at the moment.  The course will be under 16 hours per week, so it shouldn’t affect any benefits.




Works planned by Wessex Water in St George Park carpark from mid-March

These works are planned to start mid-March and continue for 2-3 months.  This photo shows the areas of the carpark that will be take by Wessex Water’s compound during that time. They are intending to use a temporary access from Lyndale Rd.

If you would like to object and try to reduce the area they are using or insist that more of the carpark is made available at weekends then good contacts to make this know are your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator, your Neighbourhood Development Officer or the St George West councillors.  Contact details are on

The image above comes from the papers for tonight’s meeting of St George Neighbourhood Partnership at 7pm at Summerhill Church.  Full agenda and papers can be viewed here.

Church Rd Festive Food and Fun 11-5pm Saturday 15th December

St George Strollers Pre-Christmas walk – Tuesday 18th December

You are invited to the St George Strollers pre-Christmas walk.  This will be a figure of 8 walk of about 2 miles with an option to stop after a mile.  After the walk there will be refreshments at the Beehive Centre, please bring goodies to share.

The walk starts at 10.15am from the Church Rd/Chalks Rd entrance to St George Park or you can join us at 10.30am outside the Beehive Centre on Stretford Rd.  If you have not been on a Walking for Health walk before please could you print off and complete this short health questionnaire and bring it with you.  Walk leaders will have printed copies on the day so if you cannot do this please arrive 10 minutes early at Chalks Rd and you can complete it before the start of the walk.

There will be an informal, short meeting while we are enjoying refreshments.  We will share the latest local and national Walking for Health news and  swap ideas on how the last 6 months have gone and ideas for future walks.

We are hoping the weather will be kinder to us than last year demonstrated by this short video.  A slideshow of the walk is here.

A new programme of walks for the next 3 months will be published soon.  To add your name to the mailing list please email or look at for details of future walks and photos of past walks.

All walks are free.  The Strollers are funded for this year by the St George West Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund programme.

Assault in Furber Rd 28/11/2012 plus others – can you help?

A report from Avon and Somerset Police including CCTV footage is here.  If you can help please call Operation Bluestone on 101.

The report in the local paper, the Post, is here.


New improved look for Rodney Road Playing Fields

Local residents and members of The Kingsway Youth Centre eagerly planted out over a 1000 spring bulbs yesterday, to bring some spring colour to the once neglected playing fields.  The bulbs have been funded through the St George NP devolved Clean & Green budget.   Local residents have also been campaigning for some investment through the S106 funding to be spent in the playing fields.  So far three seats, a set of mini goal posts and litter bins have recently been installed.  The fields are mainly used by dog walkers, it is hoped that the recent investments will encourage more of the community to make use of these playing fields, as they are seen as a real community asset..

Local resident Rebecca Lisle-Taylor brought along her family, and were joined by John Hooper another local resident and members of the Kingsway Youth Centre.  Denise James, Area Environment Officer said, “It was great, everyone who came along really enjoyed planting out the bulbs, we are all looking forward to seeing them in the Spring, they will certainly brighten up the playing fields.  We are just waiting for the Notice Board to be installed and then we can start promoting the Friends of Group.  There are also plans to enhance the side entrance to the playing fields with a new gate and new notice board, it is hoped that these works will make the site more attractive to the local community. Well done and thanks to everyone who came along”.

A Friends of Rodney Road Playing Fields Facebook page has been set up on