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next Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting

The next Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting is on Tuesday 11 December at Summerhill Methodist Church at 7.00pm.

The Partnership Meetings are held every quarter for members of the Neighbourhood Partnership which members of the public can attend to observe if they wish.    The agenda and papers for the meeting are available here.


Improvements to Rodney Rd Playing Fields – join in to make them even better

Read about the improvements in this article in Our City.

Neighbourhood Survey

Please could you spare a few minutes of your time?

The Neighbourhood Working Group is a pilot project bringing different Bristol City Council Services and their partners together to quickly address issues around community safety and your local environment.

You, as a Bristol resident, are at the heart of this process and we would very much appreciate your point of view on your satisfaction with your local neighbourhood. So if you could complete this online survey it should only
take a moment or two to complete.

More information about the Bristol partnership is at

If you want to look at the whole survey before you go online to complete it you can view it here.

You Said – We Did – November 2012

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  A list of the issues raised at the previous meeting and what has been done about them is circulated at the meeting.

Here is what was done about the issues raised in August.

You said – We Did – August – November 2012

Here is the list of issues raised at the November Forum Meeting

You Said – November 2012

Come to the next Forum meeting at the Beehive Centre, 7pm on Tuesday 12th February, 2013.  Details of all St George Neighbourhood Partnership meetings are on




River Avon Trail flooded (section by river in Crews Hole) – Sunday 25/11/2012 & Monday 26/11/2012







Please take care using the River Avon Trail.  This is the cycle/footpath that runs along the river from Conham Rd, through Crews Hole to Netham Lock.  Sections of it were flooded and IMPASSABLE this afternoon.

St George Police Newsletter issue no. 2 – Nov 2012

Pictures of St George Park and Troopers Hill help to differentiate the two police website pages that cover St George East and West.  On those pages are details about contacting your local police officers, how to set policing priorities, local news and tips to make you and your property safer.

St George East

St George West

If you don’t know whether you live in St George East or West just enter your postcode on the righthand side of the page at and click “GO”.

We have just received the latest St George police newsletter.  Enjoy the read on St George police newsletter Nov 2012

Please note – the street briefing advertised in the newsletter, to be held at Northcote Road/Sherbourne Street on the 29th November 2012 will run between 6pm and 7pm.





Do you have problems with garden bonfires in your area?

Are you uncertain as to the legality of garden bonfires?

Bristol City Council has published a leaflet that you should find helpful. You can download it from here

Issues in the Beaufort Rd area?


The full election results are available on the Bristol City Council website.

The turnout for the two St George Wards for the Mayoral vote was:
St George East              14.45%

St George West             18.44%

The Ward with the highest turnout was Henleaze (42.64%), and Hartcliffe Ward had the lowest turnout in the city (11.21%).  The city wide turnout was 22.93%.  All the preceedings stats exclude postal votes.  For those issued with postal votes, 57.84% return the ballot forms.  The total turnout for Bristol (at polling stations and by post) was 90,273 votes cast by an electorate of 323,310 (27.92%).  The ward by ward turnout information is available here.

The turnout for the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner is not available ward-by-ward.  It is interesting to note, however, that of those across Bristol that visited their Polling Station to cast their votes in person, 1,420 more people submitted a Mayoral ballot paper than submitted their PCC ballot paper.





Possible future temporary closure of Crews Hole Rd/Troopers Hill Rd

The top metre of this chimney at the foot of Troopers Hill Rd, close to the junction to Crews Hole Rd is going to be rebuilt to deal with health and safety issues. A council officer is meeting with a contractor soon to sort out the when, the how and the cost.

The Friends of Troopers Hill have asked that the two road signs on the chimney be restored at the same time to save costs. The Council will look to see if their budget will stretch to it.  The Friends have been asked to be told in time if there is not enough money so they can search out other funds.

The growth at the bottom of the chimney was cut back yesterday to allow the building surveyor and contractor to have a good view of the structure. We will let you know if we hear of any road or Hill entrance closures while the work is being done.  Keep watching this website or “like” our Facebook page