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Walkabout in St George (top end Two Mile Hill Rd and roads around) – Tuesday 11/9/2012 6pm-7pm


Come and have fun painting the St George Community Centre or donate materials – Friday 31st August – Sunday 2nd September

Message from Nicola Bartlett at the St George Community Centre

We are planning to paint the community centre over the weekend of 31st Aug, 1st & 2nd September. It’s a huge job for us to undertake and we are looking for any volunteers who would be willing to come and help us or donate paint brushes etc. The more people we get, the more rooms we can paint. So please, please if you have any time come and help, even an hour would be great. Invite hubby’s, grannies grandad’s – all welcome. We will provide you with food and drink as long as you are working. For those lovely people who can – could you get in touch with me (via the Facebook page so I can make sure we have enough materials. Thanks Nickie

If you can’t make the Facebook connection the Community Centre contact details are:

Telephone Number: 0117 9411882
Mobile Number: 07757 319 582
Email address:

Much more about the St George Community Association and the activities held at the Community Centre here.


2nd Chance Project training up new community sports coaches in St George, East Bristol as part of the PACT Project

Great PACT (Police and Community Together) project working with 2nd Chance.  Read all about it on

Burst main in Easton this morning affecting St George now – Thursday 16th August

This leaking fire hydrant on Fir Tree Lane steps is probably caused by water being flushed through the system to remove air.  There was a major burst main in Easton this morning and Bristol Water are now working on the after effects.  If you do see a leak, still report it but this may well be the cause.

Bristol Water’s 24 hour leak line is 0800 801 011.

More information on

Fishing in St George Park

At its last few meetings the sub-group has considered the issues around fishing at St George Park Lake. This issue was also discussed at the June 2011 Partnership meeting.

Injuries to birds in the park caused by fishing line and other fishing litter has been raised at Neighbourhood Forum meetings as a priority to be addressed and concerns have also been raised about anti-social behaviour by some fishermen. In the AGSP consultation during 2010 ‘Ban fishing on the historic boating lake’ was considered to be important or very important by 66% of those who responded.

At the June 2011 Partnership meeting it was agreed that something needs to be done and that the current situation is unacceptable.

An officer from Bristol Parks Neighbourhood Engagement Team has produced a report looking at all the options and this was considered at the sub-group meeting on 13th October 2011. It was agreed that further information / clarification was required on some issues. An update report was given to the January meeting and the sub-group then held a further meeting on 16th February 2012 to agree a recomendation to the March 2012 Neighbourhood Partnership meeting which can be seen via the link below. The Neighbourhood Partnership unanimously supported this recomendation.

Report & Proposal agreed at 13 March 2012 Neighbourhood Partnership meeting

The report to the October 2011 meeting and the list of actions agreed can be seen here:

Report and agreed actions sub-group meeting 13 October 2011

One of the actions was to consult with anglers in the park, this was done through the Consultation pages of the BCC website and also through Bristol Parks talking directly to those using the lake. Only a small number of anglers were spoken to as part of the consultation but they gave some valuable feedback.

Friends of St George Park produced a response to the report and also reported an incident in October where a pigeon got caught in fishing line.

Friends of St George Park response to fishing report

Report on progress of cygnets – August 2012

Report on swan rescue 26 Jan 2012

Report on pigeon rescue October 2011

For an earlier meeting, members of the Friends of St George Park prepared a report on the issue of fishing that can be downloaded from the link below.

Report – adverse effects of angling in St George Park June 2011 (pdf 7Mb)

Friends of St George Park have also commissioned a report from Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (Consulting) Ltd into the ecological status of the lake with recommendations as to its further management which can be seen here:

Report – Recommendations for Ecological Enhancement June 2011

Neighbourhood Forum – Tuesday, 21st August – 7pm-9pm

Title: Neighbourhood Forum Meeting – Improving our Neighbourhood

Location: Beehive Centre, Stretford Road, BS5 9AW

Description: Neighbourhood Forum Meetings provide a opportunity for residents of St George to raise issues direct with relevant Council Officers and/or the local Police Beat Team.

Issues raised at this meeting, and actions agreed

A great feature of this meeting is the “You Said/We Did” report where an update is given on what has been done about issues raised at the last meeting.  Your input is improving our neighbourhood.

An example of what will be reported is the improvement of Lamb Hill.  Here are the problems reported at February’s meeting:

Lamb Hill – disappearing under mud

Here is a slideshow of how Lamb Hill looked after a visit from the Community Payback team, organised by our Area Environment Officer, Denise James, a member of Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood engagement team.

This meeting will include a presentation from May Gurney (the company responsible for doorstep recycling collections).

Has your group been doing work in the neighbourhood that you would like to celebrate?  If you have a display you would like to have on show at the meeting contact Denis (contact details below).


For further information contact: Denis Wise, Tel 0117 903 6443
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-08-21
End Time: 21:00

Best place in St George to watch hot air balloons

Troopers Hill is a fantastic viewing point for the Balloon Fiesta.  This morning flights had to be cancelled because of the weather but BBC Radio Bristol was reporting that it is looking hopeful that there will be flights tonight.  Pilots’ briefing is at 6pm.  Looking at the weather forecast it looks like the wind will be sending balloons in our direction.

Maybe there will be a chance to take photos like these

REDFEST – St George’s Community Arts Festival – 1st-5th August 2012

Visit for details of all the fun things for people of all ages to do in St George and Redfield as part of REDFEST.

REDFEST has received funding from many sources but we are particularly pleased that the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Fund was able to contribute towards Saturday’s activities in St George Park.